Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bulletstorm - FOV, framerate, ADS fix

Download this - http://dl.dropbox.co...storm%20fix.zip

Extract the files from the archive and put them into the directory

"Documents\My Games\BulletStorm\StormGame\Config"

overwriting the files that are already there.
If you've just bought the game and this directory doesn't exist then start the game once to generate it.
If you don't like the changes and want to reset to the games defaults, just delete these files, the game will automatically generate new ones the next time you start the game.

The modified files include the following fixes

- Unlocks the framerate (default is capped at 62)
- Increases the fov to 100 (default is 85)
- Increases the aim down sights fov to 50 (default is 45)*
- Aiming is now toggle rather than hold
- Sensitivity decreases when aiming down sights
- Removes mouse smoothing

* Stuck with more or less the default ratio rather than adding 15 degrees. Experimented with 60, but I think 50 is better, suits this game I think.

Big thanks to alexx999 who made the program to decrypt the config files :D

Q.U.B.E - Unlock framerate and adjust FOV

Config files are located in


in UDKInput.ini

change bEnableMouseSmoothing=true

to false

and add the line

Bindings=(Name="m",Command="fov 110")

underneath it.

Change 110 to whatever you prefer personally for this game. FOV isn't bad in this game at all but it's nice to have your preference. When in game, press m to change the fov.

In UDKEngine.ini



to false to unlock the framerate