Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Binding of Isaac - Joy2key profile

This will allow you to play the binding of isaac with a 360 pad

Download and install joy2key (it's free) -

Download my isaac profile here - (right click and "save link as" if it's loading as a text file in your browser)

and place it into the root folder of your joy2key installation

Plug in the controller, start up joy2key, select the profile and leave it running while you play the game.

If you want to make your own profile manually, my settings are as follows

First go to "other" and turn on "use axes other than x and y" and set the input threshold to 30%

axis x (<0) - A
axis x (>0) - D
axis y (<0) - W
axis y (>0) - S
axis 3 (<0) - space
axis 3 (>0) - E
button 1 - arrow down
button 2 - arrow right
button 3 - arrow left
button 4 - arrow up
button 6 - Q

left analogue stick for movement, a, b, x and y for firing, left trigger for bomb, right trigger to use item and right bumper for ... for when it tells you to press Q (to use tarot cards and such).

The right stick is also set for shooting in the profile but I recommend you use the face buttons as it works far better :D


  1. I am using a Street Fighter game pad and my d-pad is not working for moving with this profile? Any Ideas?

  2. Hiya, try this profile, I've added the POV switches which I'm assuming the d-pad uses so that should work

    Binding of Isaac POV profile (right click and "save link as")

  3. Thanks, that saved me some time. :D

  4. Totally love playing boi and this has made it even better to play, Many thanks for sharing the profile. Totally awesome :)